Kamol R Thong, Thailand |

Hi, Steve

I have been playing with my bow for awhile now. Probably may be 2 weeks. I thought I owe you some thing. When first I came back to all my bows – I picked up a few of them, of course , my favorites. Strung them up ,take them to the backyards and enjoy shooting all of them . Kind of nostalgic feeling for the good old times given that I could not shoot any bows for 7-8 months due to my shoulder injury. It went on like that for awhile until finally ,before I know it, I am left with only your bow to string her up . I have to say that I enjoy shooting her so much . Time went by very fast shooting this bow. She was so gorgeous., quiet , and deadly accurate. Although I have been away from all my bows for many months ,after awhile ,I can put all my arrows in the group of the cigarette pack with good consistency at 13 meters. Thanks for your making this bow. I have with me more than 20 bows now both recurve and longbow including many big-name bows. I can say without hesitation that your bow is really amongst the top list of my favorites.

Thanks again Steve. Kamol R Thong, Thailand