Peter Curtis |

Hey Brother , wanted to pass on my reflections on my new Scythian Bushmens Bow … not ever seeing a Bushmens Bow , when a ran across a picture of your Scythian bow , I decided to contact you , from that point forward , it was exactly the experience that I would expect when ordering a high end custom bow ! Your interaction with me during the wood and option selection process was a pleasure and the end result was perfect ! The craftsmanship is second to none , and I have had or have some of the best customs bow available , absolutely flawless fit and finish and attention to detail as well as the Bushmens signature touches unique to your bows . We went with a Bloodwood riser , that isn’t a highly dramatic wood , but with the overlays and finger grooves , the riser is an eye catcher ! The Scythian bow always caught my attention visually , but having shot over 1000 arrows through it , it’s a great shooting bow , that performs at a very high level , it possesses speed , smooth , soft draw cycle , dead in hand and dead silent ( I think your string set up helped with that 👍) and it looks good in my den …love the curves ! I would warn anyone that is thinking about a Bushmens Bow …Beware … once you talk with Steve , you’ll be ordering one ! Just sayin ! The man is the real deal ! I’m already thinking about my next Bushmens …either a Spartan recurve or the Long Curve ! Thanks again Steve !